PalmCon and the Palm Beach County Convention Center reserves the right to refuse entry of any prop/weapon it deems unfit for any reason. You may be asked to take measures to make the prop safe before it will be given approval. Be prepared for this contingency. Our goal is to create a fun and safe event … we greatly appreciate your help and understanding in making this happen.

We request that you do not carry weapons outside the convention center in public. We had an issue last year where a costumed individual was stopped and questioned by the police.  The local authorities (especially those in City Place) are not used to seeing such things and will take any weapon fake or not as a serious threat. In this day and age you can not be too careful.

All patrons must adhere to Florida State law and the rules of the Palm Beach County Convention Center at all times during the weekend, including laws regarding firearms and weapons.

Bladed weapons must be cased or sheathed at all times. No horseplay or demonstrations will be permitted. Any weapon used in an offensive manner will be confiscated and you will be expelled from the Palm Beach County Convention Center. We expect you to use good judgment and common sense. If you can not sheath your weapon and it is perceived to be a danger you will be asked to store it in your vehicle.  

Real/working firearms are not allowed at PalmCon.  

Other prohibited items - skateboards, paddles, real bows, loose nunchakus, metal tipped arrows, explosives or chemicals, and signs that are not integral to the costume.  

Also - NO camping or sleeping in the halls or lobby!

Weapons & Other Rules

You must pre-register and fully complete a PalmCon 2016 Costume Contest registration form in order to participate in the contest. Forms will be available at the PalmCon booths (01-03) at the front of the hall. 

PalmCOn will feature THREE Separate Contests!
(One on Saturday and Two on Sunday)

The PalmCon General Costume Contest (Saturday)
Saturday's Costume Contest will be open to all ages (kids, teens and adults) and will be a runway style show. There will be no pre-judging. Contestants CAN enter in store bought or home made costumes (this will be taken into consideration during the judging process).

The PalmCon Kids Costume Contest (Sunday)
The Kids Only Contest (also a runway style contest) is only open to cosplayers ages 13 and under. 

The Third Annual PalmCon Cosplay Talent Show (Sunday)
Again remember to keep things PG/PG-13. This is a competition based on performance and presentation. Contestants can enter as individuals or as a group and will be judged based on stage performance and costumes.

Check the show schedule for times.

One costume per person. No separate entries from the same person. You may enter as a group entry, but you may not participate in multiple groups.  The group limit is five, and no more than five people will be allowed on the stage at a time.

All attendees who enter any of the costume contests must have  a PalmCon ticket, badge or bracelet. No exceptions.

Saturday's contest is limited to 50 entries.

Sunday's Kids Only Contest is limited to 30 entries.

Sunday's Cosplay Talent Show is limited to 25 entries. 

All contestants must fill out the costume competition registration form. Sign up will be at the table by the stage. We will stop taking entries 60 minutes prior to the start of the costume contest.

All costumes must be PG-13 or less. No nudity or risque costumes. If you wouldn’t want a potential employer (or your grandmother) to see you wear the costume then don’t.

No poor sportsmanship behavior will be allowed. No trash talking other contestants, everyone is here to have fun. Abusive behavior toward another contestant will result in your removal from the contest and may result in your removal from the show. 

The Re-Run Rule:  If you have worn your costume during a previous PalmCon Costume Contest and have won a major award, you may not compete in the same costume again.  It is time to show us something new!

Props will be allowed on stage, but please do not swing them around in a careless or dangerous manner.  Your prop could potentially harm someone on stage or in the audience, and no one wants that to happen.

No hazardous materials or any materials that will involve clean up or damage to the stage will be allowed.  This includes any liquids, confetti, silly string, etc.

If you need music for your talent show (again it must be PG or PG-13) then you will need to bring it on a compact disc. If you require the use of the microphone please let the host know before coming up on stage.

Lineup and Roll Call will occur 30 minutes prior to the start of the PalmCon Costume Contest.  Please be aware that entrants who fail to show up on time will be penalized for their tardiness.

All awards will be presented at the Judges’ discretion.  There may be more or less awards given than originally listed based on the amount and type of entries we receive. 

Saturday's awards will be given in the following categories ...
1st Place
2nd Place
Best Group (if applicable)
Best Junior / Youth
Judges Awards (3)

Sunday's Kids Only Contest awards will be given in the following categories ...
1st Place
2nd Place
Judges Awards (3)

Sunday's Cosplay Talent Show Contest awards will be given in the following categories ...
Best in Show
Most Original
Best Group

If you have any questions, please email us at

The sixth annual PalmCon Costume Contest
​will be bigger and better than ever before!