What about Wifi?

No display or exhibit may extend beyond the space allotted to the exhibitor by PalmCon. The blocking of the aisle or other exhibitor space will not be allowed. 

PalmCon will NOT be held liable for damages caused to the ship or it’s furnishings by an exhibitor. Repairs or reimbursement will be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. 

All merchandise bought and sold at PalmCon is done strictly between the exhibitors and purchaser, PalmCon is not responsible in anyway for any transactions made. Any taxes that need to be paid are strictly the responsibility of the exhibitor. 

No exhibitors will be allowed to sell any food or beverage of any kind from their tables. This is a rule put forward by the Bahamas Paradise cruise line and MUST be honored. 

No sword vendors or weapons vendors will be allowed. This includes swords, knifes, other sharp items, tazers, lasers, etc... anything that is a weapon. Anyone who attempts to sell weapons will have those items confiscated and they will be handed over to the TSA upon returning to the Port of Palm Beach, after that the matter will need to be addressed with the proper officers of the law. You may possibly find yourself banned from attending future events hosted by Cosmic Times or PalmCon.

No vape, tobacco, or any type of smoking sales or paraphernalia are allowed. We do not encourage smoking of any kind. If you attempt to sell vape, tobacco, or any type of smoking items or paraphernalia aboard the ship you will have those items confiscated and will not have them returned to you until the ship returns to the Port of Palm Beach. You may possibly find yourself banned from attending future events hosted by Cosmic Times or PalmCon.

​Any material that can be deemed “adult” in nature must not be displayed on tables aboard the PalmCon Cruise. PalmCon is a family friendly environment and the selling or display of such material to or in front of a minor will NOT BE TOLERATED. Violating this rule will result in those items being confiscated and you will not have them returned to you until the ship returns to the Port of Palm Beach. Additionally you WILL BE banned from attending future events hosted by Cosmic Times or PalmCon.

Nudity is NOT allowed under any circumstances.  Violating this rule will become a matter of the ship's security and any penalty will be issued by them, the PalmCon staff will have no say in the matter once it is turned over to the security team. 

​If you are exhibiting on The PalmCon Cruise you may give out flyers (or any promotional items) from YOUR TABLE only! You may NOT walk around the ship and hand out flyers (without special permission), if spotted you will be asked to stop, if you refuse, penalties will be put in place and the ship's security team will be called. If you're NOT exhibiting you will not be allowed to hand out flyers without special permission from the PalmCon staff. There will be a table or area on the ship to place your flyers (or any promotional items), if you are exhibiting at PalmCon you are welcome to place your flyers on this table. If you are not exhibiting at PalmCon you may place your flyers on this table - however they may be removed and disposed of at the discretion of the PalmCon staff.

​PalmCon reserves the right to change, amend, and add to the rules and regulations of the show at anytime.

Every year we try to offset the cost of PalmCon to our vendors and attendees with a raffle. All money raised during our raffles goes right back into PalmCon and they have been very successful in the past. If you wish to donate an item or items to the PalmCon Raffle please bring them to the PalmCon info desk in the vendor area on Deck 8. As with years past when selecting the raffle winners we do announce who donated the items and where their tables are located.  

PalmCon: The Palm Beach County Comic Book & Collectibles Show


Thank you for your interest in exhibiting aboard the inaugural PalmCon Cruise. We have hosted PalmCon in the American Polish Club twice and in the Palm Beach County Convention Center three times, but for 2018 ... we thought we'd try something new. Taking the show to sea seemed like a fun idea ... however the logistics were more complex than I realized at first. We are working to streamline things and make it as simple as possible to load and unload from the ship. We expect to have a few hiccups in the process and appreciate you working with us. In return we are only charging $35 per six-foot table which is pretty much our cost, we feel that we are in this together and don't want to over charge anyone. 

You'll just book your cabin like anyone else ... selecting what type of cabin you prefer for you, your staff or your family. For many conventions exhibitors find themselves booking hotel rooms ... however they don't often include food and entertainment. When doing a cost analysis please keep that in mind, not to mention all of the fun cruise activities and a stop in the Bahamas. 

I hope that if you do join us, you have a great experience, I know we are working hard to ensure that for you, our guests and our attendees. As I said before - we've never attempted something like this, so we don't know what to expect. But we'll all be in it together experiencing a PalmCon adventure on the high seas.  

Martin T. Pierro

​PalmCon Promoter

Will You Need A Passport?

The price of your passage (starts at $185 - based on double occupancy) and $35 per-table (maximum of three for vendors, only one per-artist).  This covers your accommodations aboard the Grand Classica, most of your food/ beverages, plus you will receive free parking at the port. If you have been approved as an exhibitor you will be invited to book your passage and your exhibitor space.


All guests and exhibitors (including all vendors and artists) will be located on Deck 8/Center - the main shopping areas aboard the PalmCon Cruise. The exhibitor hours aboard the ship will be (tentatively) Friday (October 12th) from 2:00PM to 5:00PM (break for mustering) then again from 6:00PM to 10:00PM / Saturday (October 13th) from 11:00AM to 10:00PM. Keep in mind these hours may fluctuate at the desecration of PalmCon or Bahamas Paradise.  

Assignment of space will be made by the show management. PalmCon will try to accommodate as many special requests as possible but cannot guarantee where you will be located.

Vendors and Exhibitors will be selected on a first come first serve basis as long as they meet the requirements to exhibit aboard the PalmCon Cruise. Once approved the Exhibitor will be invited to book their cabin and purchase tables. Without pre-approval you will not be assigned a spot.

All exhibitors agree to hold blameless PalmCon and Bahamas Paradise  as well as all workers and staff members against any loss, damage, theft, expenses, claims or actions arising from any  personal or property damage, loss or theft that may occur during the PalmCon Cruise.  Exhibitors should take reasonable measures to secure their items during "non show hours". Most exhibitor areas will be locked "after hours" on the ship, however some areas including the artists area will be in an open area of the ship. All efforts will be made to guard and protect those areas, however we cannot guarantee absolute security coverage.  In addition, all vendors/exhibitors/artists acknowledge that PalmCon and Bahamas Paradise, will NOT provide or maintain insurance coverage for vendors/exhibitors persons or property, and it is their sole responsibility to obtain insurance covering loss. Exhibitors are responsible for their staff and traveling companions. The conduct or misconduct of staff or associates will reflect upon the exhibitor regardless if the infractions occur during "show hours" or "after hours".



There are two packages available for wifi access, subject to change. Visit the Customer Service desk once on board for more information. 
Option 1 - $15 per device, per day 
Option 2 - $25 per device for the full cruise


Most artists will be able to bring their items with them through the terminal, carrying them right onto the ship. However vendors with larger items will need to bring their product to a second location, adjacent to the dock. There the cruise staff will wrap the items and deliver them to each vendors table. This will allow the vendors to avoid having to deal with customs and the TSA. Off loading will happen the same way, vendors with pack up and turn their items over too the cruise staff who will again wrap them and deliver the items to the warehose for pick up by the vendors. 

Load-In / Load-Out

General Info


All U.S. citizens must have valid proof of citizenship. While a passport is highly recommended, passengers can travel with an original birth certificate issued by a U.S. government agency (not from a hospital) and a valid government issued photo ID, in place of a passport. Passport cards and enhanced driver’s licenses are also acceptable forms of documentation. Children ages 15 and under only require a birth certificate as noted above. Children ages 16 and over must carry a government-issued picture ID such as a state ID or provincial driver's license and an original birth certificate issued by a U.S. government agency.​ 


Message from the Promoter

The inaugural PalmCon Cruise will have a very limited amount of vendor space available. This will be the very first time something like this has been attempted on this cruise ship, so things are a little in flux. Also considering the space available to us for vendors, we can only take a select few.  We currently have a list of Vendors/Exhibitors/Artists who have already expressed interest in exhibiting abroad the ship, however if you have yet to fill out a survey, please click the waiting list button below and let us know that you want to join us.