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We have negotiated the BEST rate possible for our room block. We are offering rooms to PalmCon attendees, artists and vendors for just $99.00 a night! We have secured a sizable room block but at this incredibly low rate we expect them to sell out quickly, so act fast!

Visit Palm Beach Joins PalmCon

Artists & Vendors

We are happy to announce Visit Palm Beach as a promotional partner for PalmCOn 2016! Visit Palm Beach is the premier provider of recreational activities, tours, excursions, rentals & events in South Florida! Offering daily catamaran sightseeing, sunset & specialty sailing cruises, parasailing, jet skis, kayaks, paddle boards, snorkeling, Peanut Island adventures, biking, history & nature tours, and much more! Guests of all ages, including both visitors & residents, groups & individuals, are sure to enjoy the variety of daily trips.

As a promotional partner of PalmCon - visit Palm Beach is providing a special prize for our Costume Contest this year - they have generously donated a special Sunset Catamaran Cruise as a prize. More information about Visit Palm Beach can be found on their site - - or by calling 561-881-9757. If you own a local business and would like to sponsor one of our events or become a promotional partner contact us at -

In an attempt to bring more attention to the talents of the Artists of the Comic Book Industry PalmCon has acquired the cooperation of a Premiere Art Gallery in Lake Worth.  With their help, we are putting together an exhibit/sale of the works of the PalmCon family.  This will highlight the talents of this industry, and give credence to the work that goes into the medium that we all love.

The exhibit/sale of the art will be held at Artisans on the Avenue, 630 Lake Avenue in downtown Lake Worth, Florida.  The art will be exhibited/sold September 16th thru the 22nd.   There will be a Gala Grand Opening on September 16th from 6PM – 9PM.    We encourage any of the PalmCon artists and attendees to be there and help kick-off this Special Event.

Artisans on the Avenue is an Art Gallery that likes to bring the cutting edge of art to the attention of art collectors.  The owners are very excited to have this medium on exhibit at their gallery, and PalmCon is happy that they have chosen our show and artists to exhibit.  This is an established gallery and the owners have been doing this for 15+ years. 

If you are an artist attending PalmCon 2016 and you would like to be included in this special exhibit/sale you will need to fill out a form (to be retuned no later than August 1st) and will need to deliver your work to the gallery (priced) on September 14th at 9:00 AM.

Announcing the FIRST Special Guest for PalmCon 2016 - Michael Bell

Samantha Newark​​

Known mostly as the voice of Jem Samantha also did some amazing voice work for The Transformers.

Mervyn McKoy Returns to PalmCon

Karl Moline is a comic artist with an incredible resume - in 2014 he put his artistic stamp on the world of Disney with Marvel Comics' Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird. Karl is perhaps best known for his work in the Whedonverse, he has worked on  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tales of the Slayers, Willow, as well as Fray - which he co-created with Joss Whedon. He has worked for all of the major comic book publishing companies - Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Valiant Entertainment as well as the fondly remembered yet now defunct CrossGen Comics. Hims work can be found in Vampirella Strikes, 2099: World of Tomorrow, Dark Horse Presents, Scion, Route 666, Rouge, The Loaners, B.P.R.D. The Dead Remembered, X-Men Origins, Avengers Academy, Convergence Superboy and Unity …. to just name a few. 

Ron Schneider​​

A true Disney Legend, Roy is best know as Dreamfinder from EPCOT Center, he is also a writer. 

Advance Tickets - Now On Sale!

Saturday September 24th
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sunday September 25th​
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Michael Bell​​

​Transformers, GI Joe, Smurfs, Voltron, Star Trek, Gargoyles, Aladdin, Rugrats & More ...

A Flawless Image Photography
Doctor Rob's Comics
​DNOS Collectibles
​Enigma Haunt
Erick's Custom Movie Monsters
​Everything Batman and More

Games Florida
Geek Boutique & Oddities, Inc.
​Glen Cohen Books
Highlander Novelties

Klassic Komix
​Lifetime Exteriors
​Like A Cat
MarkWho42 Books
​Past and Present Comics


Andrea Lorenzo
​Cyndi Foster

​Dragon's Treasure Chest

​Ellison Illustrations

​Five Second Skate
Gary Niles Pop Art


Jeramy Hobbs

Kechal Comics

Lounge Designs, The
​Oops Comic Adventure

​Phoenix Fire by Ash

​Primo Cardinalli

​Rob Reep Art

​Rob Torres Art

​Roberto X Molinari

​Spice Sugar Baby

​Stressed Out Studios


​Tina Carreiro

​UFO Pottery


News & Updates

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Who's Coming to PalmCon



Official Hotel

Official Hotel
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The Palm Beach County Comic Book & Collectibles Show

PalmCon is Palm Beach County's Largest Comic/Pop Culture Event! PalmCon 2016 will take place September 24 & 25 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, located at
650 Okeechobee Boulevard West Palm Beach, FL 33401


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Do you want to host a panel, event or discussion at  PalmCon 2016?
Panels are discussions, lectures, show and tell or rants about any and all parts of fandom. Comic Books, Anime, Cosplay, Animation, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Video Games, etc… If you have a specialty and want to talk about it, an area of expertise in fandom and you want to share it with the the other attendees of PalmCon, we’d love for you to submit a panel for consideration. We will do our best to host as many panels as possible.

The Florida Squad of the 1701st Fleet is returning to PalmCon! The 1701st Fleet is an international Star Trek Fan Association. They are a Star Trek based costuming club and fan organization. Members of The Fleet purchase and/or create (and wear) the various costumes worn by the characters of the Star Trek franchise, which includes but is not limited to the films, comics, books, games, and television shows based on Star Trek. This year the fleet will be brining a replica of the captains chair from the original USS Enterprise for photographs. 

The 1701st Fleet is beaming into PalmCOn 2016

Volunteer for PalmCon 2016

host a panel

The Hilton West Palm Beach is the Official Hotel of PalmCon

Michael Duron

Disney, LucasFilm, Marvel, Universal, New Line Cinema, Topps, Action Lab/Danger Zone and more.

We are looking for volunteers who would like to donate time, talent and expertise in order to gain behind the scene access to the convention and an opportunity to meet other volunteers who have the same interests and passions for comics, anime, films, gaming and pop-culture.  If this sounds like an opportunity for you please complete the Volunteer Form and send it to us.

PalmCon Announces Art Exhibit/Sale for Attending Artists

After missing 2015 - artist Mervyn McKoy returns to PalmCon and brings his amazing (and sometimes funny) artwork and prints with him! Mervyn is the artist of Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew (for Cosmic Times, The C-Listers (for PaperLab), Paula Peril and more! Mervyn is currently accepting pre-show sketch commissions for pick up at the show! Please for details and to make arrangements.

Michael Duron has been with PalmCon since the first show and after missing last year’s event he’s returning and bringing with him our mascot for 2016 - the robo-turtle! Michael is a freelance artist and illustrator, who is a master caricaturists with years of experience. His credits include working on projects for Topps, Lucasfilm, New Line Cinema, Universal, Marvel and Disney. Michael also has been branching out and has begun working in mainstream comics for companies like Action Lab/Danger Zone, Think Alike Productions as well as his own LocoDuck Studios  We are thrilled to have him back in West Palm beach. 

The mighty 501st Everglades Squad returns to PalmCon for the SIXTH year! The 501st Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.


Artist/Vendorsnow available

1701st Fleet

501st Legion - Evergaldes Squad
​Finest: A GI Joe Costume Club

Use the contact button or you can e-mail us at info @ Palmcon . net

The 501st Storms into PalmCon 2016

Mervyn McKoy​​

Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew (for Cosmic Times), The C-Listers (for PaperLab), Paula Peril and more.

Cosplay for Jedi is an amazingly friendly and extremely talented cosplayer/ craftsperson. She runs a one-woman wonder-shop located in the Outer Rim's swamps of Dagobah (Southern Florida). She creates Star Wars inspired character hats & more! Each piece is lovingly and playfully created and is perfect for conventions & events across the galaxy! She makes items men, women and kids! She has been a staple of PalmCOn for years and we are happy to have her back for our 2016 event.

A Disney Legend is coming to PalmCon 2016

With a wildly loyal global fan-base for her voice-over work as "Jem" and "Jerrica" in the cartoon classic "Jem and the Holograms" Samantha is also a part of the iconic Hasbro brand "Transformers" with guest-starring roles as "Ariel", "Elise Presser" and "The Zamajon Empress". She can be heard as the gentle British voice of Peter Pan's mother in the classic Steven Spielberg's feature film "Hook". and starred in the campy horror flick Summer Camp Nightmare with Chuck Conners as rebel camper Debbie. Samantha appears in the 2015 live action Jem and the holograms feature film alongside Juliet Lewis, Molly Ringwald and Aubrey Peeples in special cameo role, her shout out to legions of original fans. 

​In the late 2000's Samantha was invited into the prestigious Leonard Cohen circle as a back-up singer and went on to tour extensively as a back up singer with the stadium worthy "Bricks in the Wall" belting out the Sights and Sounds of Pink Floyd. Based in Nashville TN since 2014 Samantha is writing and recording her solo self released solo Pop/electronica/dance albums. Her original music and vocals can be heard on many block buster game titles such as God of War, Twisted Metal black and Wild Arms 3, movie soundtracks and hit TV shows such as Smallville, Gossip Girl, The Ellen Show and the Kardashian franchise and more. Samantha was Invited back in 2015 to do more voice work in the up coming animated short film HG Chicken starring Bobcat Goldthwait, the same animation team that brought Pound Dogs the animated festival favorite to the screen. She also can be heard narrating the audio book for "Square Zair Pair" a children's book from author Jase Peeples and illustrator Christine Knopp available 2016

Thanks to our friends at Ranger Stop we were able to secure such an iconic guest for PalmCon 2016! 


Panel Submissions Open

Jem aka Samantha Newark is coming to PalmCon 2016

Michael Bell is an actor, who has been performing for the last 7 decades. He has lent his iconic voice to many animated characters over the years including Prowl, Swoop, Sideswipe & First Aid (The Transformers), Zan, Gleek & Lex Luthor (The Super Friends), Handy, Lazy & Grouchy (The Smurfs), Duke, Clutch & Major Bludd (G.I. Joe), Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk), Lance & Coran (Voltron), Opus (A Wish for Wings that Work), Auger (InHumanoids), Lex Luthor (Superman), Cyclops (Pride of the X-Men), Quackerjack (Darkwing Duck), Aziz (Aladdin), Naugus (Sonic the Hedgehog), Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends), Chaz & Drew (The Rugrats), Pongo (House of Mouse), Allstar Seaworthy (Family Guy), Mark (Speed Buggy) and High Tide (Transformers: Rescue Bots) … to name just a few.​

​Mr. Bell has also provided voice work for several popular video game franchises including; Transformers: Devastation, World of Warcraft, Ratchet & Clank, Metal Gear Solid, Age of Empires III, Doom 3, Shadow of Rome, Ninja Gaiden, EverQuest, Fallout, Call of Duty, Command & Conquer, Enter the Matrix, Star Trek: Armada II, Balder’s Gate, Diablo II, Star Wars: Force Commander, Star Trek: Starfleet Command, Forgotten Realms and many more. 

Though he is known as one of the best voice actors in the business, Michael Bell has also appeared on screen in countless roles through out his career including the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation “Encounter at Farpoint” where he appeared as Grappler Zorn, he would later appear on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in TWO roles Drofo Awa (The Marquis) and Borum (The Homecoming). He also appeared in featured guest roles on many TV series including; The Monkees, Get Smart, Mission Impossible, Ironside, Mannix, The Streets of San Francisco, MASH, The Rockford Files, CHiPs, Benson, Three’s Company, Remington Steele, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Hunter and Dallas.

We are thrilled to have this amazing talent with such a memorable and distinguished career as a special guest for PalmCon 2016! 

PalmCon Welcomes Back Cosplay for Jedi

September 24 & 25, 2016 

The Finest is marching into PalmCon 2016

Artist Karl Moline will be a guest at PalmCon 2016

2 Day Weekend Pass for Adults (ages 13 & up) - $25.00 + Tax
2 Day Weekend Pass for Children (ages 4 - 12) - $15.00 + Tax
Single Day Admission for Adults (ages 13 & up) - $14.00 + Tax
Single Day Admission for Children (ages 4 - 12) - $8.00 + Tax
VIP Weekend Pass - $45.00 + Tax

We continue to strive to provide the best experience for our artists and vendors as well as keeping prices for tables and booths as low as possible. We are offer similar options to what we did last year. We will have a limited supply of corner booths available so book yours quickly.  

Joining PalmCon for the first time will be The Finest: A GI Joe Costume Club. The Finest was established in 2007 to provide a positive community for fans to share their passion for the G.I. Joe universe by means of building and wearing high-quality costumes. In the ensuing years, the G.I. Joe brand experienced a tremendous resurgence following the success of new feature films, video games, cartoons, and an updated series of action figures. With this renewed public interest in G.I. Joe, the ranks of the Finest began to swell.

The mission of the Finest is to provide a positive community for costume enthusiasts to build and wear highly-detailed costumes and props from the G.I. Joe universe. Finest members actively promote interest in the G.I. Joe brand and use appearances at conventions and other events as a means to support community projects and charity efforts.

We are happy to announce Disney Legend, Ron Schneider as a special guest of PalmCon 2016! Ron is best known as Dreamfinder from the popular Journey into Imagination attraction at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center. His charming personality and quick wit entertained generations of Disney fans. Some of Ron’s earliest Disney work was on stage at Disneyland's Golden Horseshoe. Beyond playing Dreamfinder (with his pal Figment) in EPCOT Center Schneider also is the only actor to play the character on film. He appeared in a never released short film by Mike Jittlov, that was shot incase the Magic Journeys film wasn’t ready for the parks opening (it’s a fascinating story when told by Ron). Ron would later reprise the role of Dreamfinder on stage for the 40th anniversary of Walt Disney World in 2011. 

In 2012 Ron Schneider published “Dreamer to Dreamfinder: A Life and Lessons Learned in 40 Years Behind a Name Tag”. In the fascinating book Ron talks about the ups and downs of working in the theme park business and recounts stories from Disney, Universal, and Six Flags Magic Mountain. Just recently Ron was cast to play Walt Disney in the quirky independent film “The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head”.

Michael "LocoDuck" Duron Returns to PalmCon

Karl Moline​​

Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Convergence Superbly, Seekers of the Weird, Unity and more.

Cosplay for Jedi​​

Cosplay Artist
Cosplayer/Artist who creates one of a kind Star Wars inspired character hats & more!