This is a once in a lifetime experience and should not be missed. We will be awarding the tickets and a gift basket to a special winner at Trivia Night with Martin & Heidi at Howley's Restaurant on September 12th. If you can't make to Howley's September 12th (event starts at 7:00 PM) you can still buy your tickets from the Kravis center online box office by clicking HERE. Click HERE for more information about Trivia Nights with Martin & Heidi.​​

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2016 guest list 


The Palm Beach County Comic Book & Collectibles Show

PalmCon 2016 was our most ambitious show to date. We pulled out all the stops and tried many new ideas and concepts … some worked and others didn’t. We learned many valuable lessons and after having a “partner” drop out at the last minute we learned to become more self-sufficient. We are already talking about PalmCon 2017 and expect it to be an even better show with more to offer. The success of PalmCon 2016 had little to do with me and more to do with our team leaders and volunteers, without them there would be no PalmCon. I really want to thank (my wife) Bethany Pierro & Heidi Hess for their help leading up to the event and also for their leadership running the show. During the show, the staff was incredible, Andra Walt, Jade Heinkel, Leanne Priolo, Rebecca McCulley, Millie Lentz, Ryan Moore, Mark Hess, Joshua Handwerker, Terrie Travisono, Nick Priolo, Caitlin Cronin, Colton Handwerker, Grayson Handwerker, Sara Lentz, Aaron Lentz, Jack Graziano and Forrest Morelli all went above and beyond the call of duty, they were all very dedicated to the show and our attendees. I want to especially thank David Heringer who drove hundreds of miles to help out with the show, he was a tremendous asset. As for our crew of student volunteers … there are just not enough ways to say thank you to express my gratitude. Of course there were our awesome guests who were incredible to our staff and our attendees, so nice and so friendly … they really made the show special. 

This year we also partnered with several new businesses and I think we both benefited from these partnerships and I hope that for years to come those partnerships can grow stronger. I also have to say what an incredible partner the Hilton West palm Beach was, the rate they gave our attendees was so generous and the facility was simply amazing. Also thank you to our friends at the Carmike Movico CityPlace who worked with us so that we could have our 30th anniversary special screening of The Transformers: The Movie. Finally I want to thank the staff at the Palm Beach County Convention Center … they did a spectacular job of handling all the chaos that PalmCon gathers around it. 

I’m sure I have forgotten to thank about a hundred more people who worked behind the scenes to make PalmCon a success. Everyone who played a part in the show should be patted on the back and thanked for helping to make the tapestry that was PalmCon 2016. Finally I need to thank our awesome vendors and attendees, everyone at PalmCon plays their part in making it special.

Thank you,

Martin T Pierro

PalmCon has teamed up once again with the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts to give away a pair of tickets to see a special Screening of Monty Python and the Holy Grail followed by John Cleese LIVE on stage, November 1st. Mr. Cleese will tell stories and answer audience questions. 

Warner Brothers and PalmCon / Cosmic Times have teamed up to give away tickets to an ADVANCE SCREENING of Steven King's IT on September 5th at the Cinemark Boynton Beach 14 (1151 N. Congress Ave. Boynton Beach, FL 33426).  This is not a contest! We have been provided a link where you can sign up and download a pair of FREE tickets to this special screening. ​

From PalmCon 2016


Advance Screening of IT

Dear PalmCon Fans,

Hello! We have received an incredible amount of emails, messages, tweets about the future of PalmCon. You have been patient and for that we are so very thankful. 

Cosmic Times is excited to finally announce a new plan for PalmCon. Instead of one big event we have chosen to stretch the PalmCon experience into several different events through out the year. Think of your favorite part of PalmCon, now magnify it by ten and that is what we have planned. PalmCon: Comicfest will focus on the comics and cosplay. PalmCon: Bookfest will hone in on bringing authors and readers together, books, graphic novels and a love of reading through those things. The PalmCon Student Film Fest will highlight independent film makers and their accomplishments.  

Remember how comic conventions used to be? Affordable? Personal experiences with guests? Fun that you could share with the whole family? That's what we are aiming for here. We hope you are as excited about these changes as much as we are. It will be a journey to a new kind of PalmCon … a comic and pop culture experience that is truly geared to the local community.

Stay tuned for more information including dates and venues….. 


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September 24 & 25, 2016