The Palm Beach County Comic Book & Collectibles Show

PalmCon is Palm Beach County's Largest Comic Event!  PalmCon 2014 took place on September 27th and 28th at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, located at
650 Okeechobee Boulevard West Palm Beach, FL 33401



The Palm Beach County Comic Book & 
Collectibles Show
September 2015

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pbc convention center

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Message from show promoter Martin ...

PalmCon 2014 has come and gone and this time with nothing but praise from the local press (an improvement from last year). Though attendance wasn’t as high as I had projected we did had very strong numbers … nothing to be embarrassed about for our first time attempting to grow into a two day show. Considering our size we are on par with the bigger shows in Florida and will continue to grow for years to come.

The feedback has been nearly unanimous - everyone from vendors to artists to attendees had a great time. The energy this year was much higher and consistent than years past, something I was worried about with a two day event. Yes there were a few bumps in the road but for the most part they were dealt with on site and will result in a few vendors not being asked back. Other issues will be addressed with unfortunately stricter polices and clearer rules – sometimes relying on common courtesy isn’t enough. Also I guess a policy will need to be written regarding service pigs – only in America.

On the surface it would seem that I was driving the ship and though my hands were firmly on the wheel the crew made up entirely of friends and family really are the ones that made PalmCon a success – I will try to list them all here but will no doubt miss a few and for that (in advance) I ask that you forgive me – My wife Bethany, my mother Andra, my sister Cynthia, my nieces Jade & Jordyn, Toby, Jack, Rebecca, Gene, Susy, fellow show promoter Ron, Kevin who provided the best transportation and ZipperTan who went above and beyond to make the costume contest a success.Also the staff at the Palm Beach County Convention Center came through like champs Ashley, Amanda, Angel, Carlo and the rest of that awesome crew. Our guests were incredible this year and very generous with their time Iake Eissinmann, Allen Bellman, Jose Delbo, Carlos Castellanos, Ralph Cabrera, Jeff Dekal & Vinnie Tartamella – thank you for coming to PalmCon and I look forward to having you back. I would also like to say thank you to Jerry Woods, Robert Wilson and Mark Gallo (who were all at PalmCon) more than 25 years ago they sparked my interest in comics laying the ground work that ultimately saw the creation of Cosmic Times and Palmcon: The Palm Beach County Comic Book and Collectibles Show. Finally Mike S Broder who I turned to back in 2010 and complained about there being no comic shows in Palm Beach and he said “why don’t you start one?” – His advice and guidance since then has been priceless. I know there are so many more name s that I am missing and folks that I am forgetting to say thank you to but just know that I am thankful for you all and happy that you are in my life.

Forward we go … right now its back to Cosmic Times and the books we publish – I am off to the New York Comic Con next week and have a few more appearances before the end of the year. However, come the first of the year it’s back to the Palm Beach County Convention Center for the planning of PalmCon 2015.

Once again thank you for supporting PalmCon!

Martin T Pierro